The New Dimensions of Geopolitics

Ifri & CIEP, June 2015
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In preparation for the IGU World Gas Conference (Paris, 2-5 June 2015), the Ifri Center for Energy and Clingendael International Energy Programme (CIEP) have jointly produced studies for Task Force 3 on Geopolitics and Natural Gas.

The main report, “the New Dimensions of Geopolitics”, highlights the major developments in geopolitics and natural gas since the last World Gas Conference of 2012. The report identifies key areas of geo-political importance where natural gas plays a crucial role. To complement this traditional approach in which governments, national and international companies are considered the key players of the geopolitical game, the report then focuses on the growing role and influence of other stakeholders: how they shape energy policies and the impact for the gas business in particular.

Three theme papers give further insights in major topics identified in the main report. The first one addresses remedies in international law for maritime resource disputes. A second theme paper reviews the role of gas in energy and environmental policies and discusses the obstacles for gas to fulfill its role in a more sustainable energy mix. The third paper investigates local content strategies and shows how the gas industry has to meet rising expectations in terms of its contribution to economic development.