Van Onzichtbare naar meer zichtbare hand? Waterstof en Elektriciteit

CIEP, October 2019
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Hydrogen and Electricity: Towards a new Energy System Backbone - Waterstof en Elektriciteit: naar een nieuwe ruggengraat van het energiesysteem

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Based on the functioning of the current energy system, the system roles of different energy carriers are analysed in this paper. In a future system, with other climate-neutral energy carriers expected, these system roles will also have to be fulfilled. The analysis includes an assessment of the conditions that are needed to make the proposed energy system adjustments, both socially and economically, feasible in the long term. In this paper we look at the potential market development of hydrogen and the role it can play together with electricity in a new energy system backbone.

The current market organization is already affected by a visible hand from the government in many areas. This hand now intends to change direction. In this paper we mainly look at the period up to 2030, during which the foundations for the new energy system must be laid while the old system must continue to function. We try to raise a number of questions that are important for the redesign of the market organization during this period.